1. N

    Question / Help (gentoo) Obs doesn't launch

    Hello since i didn't get my answer on gentoo forums (no way it's impossible) i have decided to come here and to explain what is my problem. Attempted path: share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini Attempted path: /usr/share/obs/obs-studio/locale/en-US.ini Attempted path...
  2. SodaScripter

    Question / Help Error compiling obs-studio-24.0.3 on Gentoo

    soda@ChadTop obs-studio-24.0.3/build » make -j4 [ 1%] Built target obspython_swig_compilation [ 2%] Built target media-playback [ 3%] Built target glad [ 3%] Built target obslua_swig_compilation [ 3%] Built target obs-ffmpeg-mux [ 25%] Built target libobs [ 26%] Built target file-updater [...
  3. B

    Bug Report NVENC: Segmentation fault

    Hello, I am currently trying to get OBS-Studio to use the NVENC encoder instead of x264 on Gentoo Linux. OBS simply crashes without a proper error code or anything when trying to start the stream. I linked both the log from OBS and the obs --verbose terminal output. The stream works when using...