1. O

    Recording not working on lower fps settings on new pc & monitor

    Hi I had OBS set up on my old PC to record at 0.5fps for a timelapse. I copied the settings profile over to the new PC and when I record it creates a file (mkv) that is always around 730 bytes large and obviously doesn't play. If i put the framerate up I sometimes get the expected video output...
  2. RetroOgre

    Question / Help Fractional FPS Value - What does it do?

    Let's start from the beginning... I broadcast at 900p60fps from a single PC, Dual monitor setup. Both monitors can go up to 144hz, however I have them locked at 120hz. Games play great, and OBS never shows any render, nor encoding lag. However, when using Common or Integer FPS, locked at 60FPS I...