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    FPS drops

    Im getting only 150fps on maximum settings in lol, when Im streaming i get fps drops to 60-70 fps... I got rtx 3080 and i7 10700k, I even did benchmark, https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/57816356 Obs log : https://obsproject.com/logs/KHK1tFCP69AmsYop Everything is updated.. in other games i...
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    Hi, i got i7 10700k and rtx 3080 and while using obs/streaming i got fps drops, for example without obs in warzone 2.0 i got around 110fps, while streaming it drops to 40-50, not just in this game, but in rust/ark/lol too, bitrate is set to 6000 , im streaming on 1920x1080, i created a scene...
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    60fps stream drops to 30fps at random times

    Hello, I was streaming a game of Apex yesterday when my stream started to look like it was lagging without dropping frames on my PC or on the network, CPU usage sat around 2-3% and I can't find anything myself, but I have the included log file here. Thank you for reading!