fps lock

  1. S

    I need help with my FPS and PC uses

    Hello my name is Sebastián. I am from México and I need a little help Before I update my pc and OBS program, I could make an stream like 30Fps with a good quality. Then I updated and when I start the programs, the cpu porcentage is like 20% 30% and the FPS are 60 ( when I not use game capture (...
  2. Scruby

    Question / Help Having obs on my Screen makes my game lag.

    Hey, I have been wanting to get into streaming. but when I have my obs open it just locked my game to a low FPS. the game is still 150fps but it only displays a low amount of frames. even when I don't record. And I have Tried to close the preview but that didn't help. Turning down the bitrate...
  3. P

    Question / Help FPS Lag/loss my OBS record/stream under 60fps

    Hello people a few months ago OBS studio made me a huge problem it was the following during the filming of one of my clips I saw on my second monitor that OBS did not shoot the video in 60fps and it ranges between 15 to 37 - 40 which is accordingly very unsatisfactory and I have been making big...
  4. SugarTSenpai

    Question / Help AverMedia LGX (GC550) FPS problem.

    I guess I'll try my best to spell out what I know., my problem is as follows: I have OBS Studio set to output 60fps, my capture card (LGX) I usually set to match or highest FPS with the resolution to match what the console is outputting. Though, for some reason, It will not capture my PS2 via...