fps drop on obs

  1. S

    Question / Help Unusual FPS drop when OBS is recording.

    Hello, i have been using OBS software for about 3 months now and i really do enjoy it. However, with the recent update i am dropping a very unusual amount of frames when trying to record games that usually allow me to record at 120FPS are now dropping down to 40 and even below 30FPS. This has...
  2. G

    Question / Help Fps drop when i using Gamemodus

    guys i have a problem with obs. I was livestreaming but it was so laggy as fuck when i using gamemodus but if i turn my gamemodus off it was fixed but gamemodus give you the best game experience so better fps ect pls guys help me! https://obsproject.com/logs/9_1OTJZDqGOK1mWU idk if you need it!!
  3. PrinceAik

    Question / Help 60+ fps in game, 1 - 15 fps in OBS

    Can someone tell me on how to fix my problem? I've tried literally everything (downgrade the version, reinstall, changing encoder, etc.) but nothing can fix it. I have the latest OBS version. This is my specs : Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor VGA : Nvidia GeForce GTX...
  4. R

    Question / Help Used to be able to stream smooth 60 FPS, now having problems

    Specs: CPU: i7-7700K overclocked @ 4.5GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 RAM: 32 GB @ 3000MHz So before, I would be able to stream any games with no problems with my FPS both in game and the stream output. But now, whenever I would stream, let's say Apex Legends, my in game FPS is completely fine but...
  5. P

    Question / Help OBS Is fine for the first few minutes? Huge FPS drop.

    Hello! I've had this problem with a few games, OBS will run perfectly fine for the first few minutes (30fps, no problem) then out of nowhere it drops, 15-20 FPS and I can't figure out why? Even when I quit streaming, if OBS is still open it'll pick the game up at low FPS as shown below in the...
  6. D

    Question / Help League of Legends w/o OBS (300fps) w/ OBS 60fps

    Hi guys my league of legends FPS keeps going drastically low when running OBS. Please recommend on how I can adjust. Below is the attached log file Thanks in advance.
  7. B

    Question / Help Having inconsistent FPS on OBS but in game FPS is fine (no framedrop either)

    So i am having an issues where i open up OBS and i notice even with no games up i have anywhere from 50-60fps but its always changing no matter what i have done like reinstalling OBS, updating drivers, etc i still get this issues it bugs me and i need help :)
  8. C

    Question / Help FIXED! Great fps in game... not in obs

    I tried using both the OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS and both the same problem. I have tried to switch encoding, lowering bitrate, lowering resolution even for the base resolution. I tried changed processing priority too and no fix so far. I get perfect performance in game but on my obs it...