1. Sheeplip

    Free PyCarto 2.1.0

    PyCarto A small software to get your last followers of his Picarto channel. Download PycartoFollowers How to get my permissions ? First of all, to use the software, you will need to authorize your account to access the Picarto server. To do this: 1. Go to the API tab in the "setting" page...
  2. michaelperfect

    Question / Help Plugin for displaying Twitch followers (and more ?) for OBS 23.2.1 ?

    Hi, I've been searching for hours for a way to display new follower / latest follower kind of info within the stream (maybe even other stuff?), which would allow a bit of custom design to fit my channel's style. I'm on Mac OS 10.10.5 therefore running OBS 23.2.1 Thank you for your...