1. D

    Hotkeys not working when OBS in focus

    Contrary to most threads I've read, my hotkeys to start recording, etc are not working when OBS is highlighted/in focus. If OBS is not in focus, it works just fine, no issues. So, if I'm on google, and decide to start recording, hotkeys work just fine. IF I however try to edit the scene, and...
  2. kr8zY

    Webcam with no autofocus/manual focus

    My webcam doesn't have autofocus, and when I see the manual focus, I can't change it. Is there any plugin or anyway to manually modify focus?
  3. D

    OBS 28 - blurry image when capturing screen

    Gentlemen... I even bought an RTX3050 card because I've already done all combinations of settings and nothing, still the same..... Look at the picture... HELP!!!
  4. B

    Question / Help Recording is slightly out of focus when moving

    Hey guys, the question is in the title. I attached screenshots from my settings. Greetings, Bazox
  5. L

    Question / Help Stream lagging when minimize game

    Hi guys, when i stream League of Legends (Windows Capture)(LoL is on Bordless) and i minimize it start to lagging on stream. Upload speed 28.25 Mbps, Im using cam, windows capture and browser capture (if someone follow me) intel i5-6400 /2.7g/6mb PowerColor -POWER C AXRX This happens only on...