1. Reguna

    Does OBS 29 support Intel ARC QSV x264 on Linux? (Flatpak version)

    I am using Fedora 37 KDE (Kernel 6.2, OBS 29.0.2 in flatpak) with an Intel Arc A380. I cannot find the Intel QSV x264 encoder in output settings (only software x264). Is it not available in Linux or am I missing some dependencies? I have attached my startup log file for reference.
  2. T

    Pipewire screen and window capture lag to single digit fps

    I'm running flatpak obs on fedora 36 with an nvidia card on wayland. I have also tried the unofficial fedora release and have had the same results. For some reason pipewire capture is incredibly laggy. Without even starting a stream or recording obs lags down to single digit fps. I tried the...
  3. J

    Bug Report Fedora 31: Preview window is transparent

    Occurs on both flatpak and repo. Can't use the preview window, it just doesn't exist. https://obsproject.com/logs/4bRRY7YwX-sdqhNt