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    Drag to select

    like Winspector Spy uses>>> just drag probe-scope to window to record
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    Internal game push to talk

    Hi, im playing Valorant. And im using the Game internal Push to Talk feature to talk to random other persons. I want to stream those messages too. When i use it, i just can here myself talking and answering. Is it possible to make the push to talk feature of my teammates also hearable in my...
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    Question: Different aspect ratio for scenes

    Hello, I record and stream videos for pc on landscape mode but I also would like to make a scene for tiktok and youtube shorts. The output aspect ratio is global for all scenes as far as I know. Is there a way to have only one vertical scene? If not, is it possible to request this as a feature...
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    Updating Source Visibility Across Different Scenes?

    Hello, I have text that is visible in one scene and then I go to hide it. It is copied in another scene so it updates across the scenes if I edit it. When I hide it in one scene I want it to update it in another scene so it is not visible in the next scene. How could I do this? Example...