extremecap u3

  1. B

    Question / Help ExtremeCap U3

    Hi I would like to create a Live Stream on YouTube or Facebook using OBS Studio and the ExtremeCap U3 capture card. Does anyone know if this is possible please?
  2. S

    Bug Report capture audio only is no longer working for my capture card

    When OBS updated to 23.2.1, it seemed to have fixed the capture audio only setting problem with my Extremecap U3. When I opened up OBS to do more recording, capture audio only quit working again. Gameplay audio comes through fine if I use directsound or waveout, but the quality is terrible...
  3. dceric

    Bug Report Issues with Extremecap U3 (Audio)

    Okay so for a little while I had issues where the capture would just instantly freeze. Well I fixed that by reinstalling the driver. The next issue was audio. This isn't an instant fix cause you have to keep doing this each time. Reason for mentioning this is hopefully the developers will...
  4. S

    Bug Report OBS crashing when setting video parameters

    I am using: OBS 23.0.1 (64bit, windows) Windows 10 Pro 64bit (latest version 10.0.17763.348) Avermedia Extremecap U3 CV710 (with the latest drivers ( In OBS, I added a Video Capture Device in Sources. For this capture device I need to change the audio source, so I need to access...