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    USB1820 external sound card

    Hi everyone! I've come to ask for a little help because I'm really tired... I would like to make some lives with my drum. I have an external sound card UMC1820 which is plugged in usb on my pc. When I go to the sound settings on my PC, in recording I have my microphone with my UMC1820 card as...
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    Using an external DAC or amp? This may help you.

    Hello everyone, I was a proud user of OBS Studio for years until I got a Schiit Magni and Modi stack. When I would use this stack via USB, my desktop audio would cut out randomly and my viewers wouldn't be able to hear any game sound or any music I was playing. Then, I switch to Streamlabs OBS...
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    Question / Help External audio input routing issues

    HI All As a sound engineer and music producer i tend to think im fairly good with laptop audio routing but this ones stumped me so any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using a focusrite saffire pro40 to route a stereo line signal (from my DJ mixer) directly into OBS. its routed to...