export scenes

  1. salsan

    Free OTU - OBS Themes Utility 0.0.6

    otu otu ( OBS themes utility ) is Node.js script, an handle tool for work with your scenes of Open Broadcaster Software Description otu is an utility to permit to export/import your theme with all files in an archive, add and extract scene from theme, and many features are added in the...
  2. T

    upgrade to v26 and scenes

    Is the v26 upgrade for Mac or just for PC? If for Mac, will the upgrade retain the current settings and scenes? If not, then what file can I find look for to restore them or do I have to just rebuild?
  3. P

    How do you output individual scenes as separate videos?

    Hi, I want to record myself playing guitar from two separate angles - one on the webcam and one on my camera (via IV Cam). I have managed to get both cameras working and recording but they are recording as one stream, i.e. the output video contains both streams. I want to be able to edit the...