error crash

  1. D

    Error Message when closing obs

    Hello every time I close my obs I get a weird error message saying that the application has crashed, this isn't much of a problem as it is more of an annoyance I only had after putting a new SSD into my pc and reinstalling windows and all my applications. Thanks all if any help its much...
  2. EroNelly

    OBS Crashes when i Updated and Closes it. It

    Help me, its like it all started my OBS updated one day and it crashed. so i tried skip the update but when i close it, it crashed. But i can still stream. Im kinda worry if i keep using outdated OBS might ruin it. So did i do something wrong? HEre is my crash reports.
  3. R

    OBS Crash continuous

    Please Help. The crash logs its the same error c0000005, I open the obs app and crash, I start stream and crash. I already reinstall the app and the same error, drivers updated. I don't know what I have to do to resolve the crashing, I already learn the threads lookin for a answer, but nothing...
  4. RaduL

    OBS Studio Crash Error

    Hello OBS Team and Community. I have a problem. OBS is crashing pretty often. Can you help me with a solution if you can, please. Attached is the log file. Thank you in advance.