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    OBS encoder error when I try to record

    Hello, I'm trying to record a video but now it pops up with a "An encoder error occured while recording". This hasn't happened before, and apparently a lot of other people have this issue too. Here is my current log file : https://obsproject.com/logs/vFTKrTPWCbRD1JTn
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    Question / Help Please help me pick the best encoder and settings.

    Hi guys, i want to get into streaming again but a lot has changed both in OBS and my setup since i did it last time and i just can't figure out the best settings for me. I've got a 4790k with a gtx 970, so i can stream using quicksync, nvenc or just software x264 encoding. My target bitrate is...
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    Question / Help Tried every way but couldn't fix it

    Hi there, When I have a problem, I always check the forums or YouTube to sort it out but with this problem, it didn't work out. Although I have updated my drivers, I am still having the same warning. I tried to fix the problem by changing the encoder to x264 but the performance was really...