enable delay

  1. Y

    delay video input

    I stream my ps4 to my youtube channel then make the stream private then I stream that to twitch and youtube with OBS with plugins, chatbots and other things but I have a body cam for VR. But the delay of my ps4 stream makes it so that I'm starting one thing and swinging my arms around and it...
  2. JohnnyOmaha

    Bug Report 24.0.1 - UX - Show confirmation Dialog when stopping stream + Stream Delay Enabled = No stop dialog

    Hey all, experiencing an issue where I'm streaming a game with a 600 second delay, I get my "start streaming" confirmation, but then when I go to stop streaming, and I click stop streaming (discard delay) I do not get a confirmation dialog (are you sure you wish to stop stream and discard delay?).