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    the animations of the donations do not have time to load, which is why they are shown with lags

    I use donationalerts, but I think the problem is obs. when I make a test alert for donations, the task manager shows a network load of 15 mbps and it does not rise higher. if you wait until the animations are uploaded to the cache, and this download disappears, the animations will play...
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    Alerts freezing inconsistently

    Hello! The last few weeks I had a problem with my alerts in obs. I use Tipeeestream's Alert Box V2 widget and implement them through a browser source. My problem is, that the alerts freeze most of the time, but not always at the same time, sometimes they run smoothely without freezing at all...
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    OBS doesn't show latest followor + doesn't pop up new folowers + donations ( DonationAlerts )

    So I recently started to stream throu OBS Studio. Donation goal works, its okey. But when people donate or follow, the alerts doesn't show up + i added recent follower and it doesnt update as well. I tried deleting the Browser Source, restarting OBS and etc, but nothing worked .
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    Question / Help Donation alert

    Having an issue where my test alerts for donations show up on obs live, and donations show up on my Activity feed on OBS but won’t show on stream. I have the alert set as browser on obs. I get money on PayPal and the test alerts pop up on my screen, but whenever someone actually donates to me...
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    Question / Help donated, followers and subscribers

    Olá estou tendo dificuldade em colocar a mensagem do doador na tela, pois quando coloco um jogo para aparecer na tela a mensagem do doador
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    Question / Help Custom CSS through browser source?

    Hi guys, have one question: who use donationalerts, can u use custom css for your widgets, goals, etc? I asked support of donationalerts, they didn't know anything and forwarded me for asking about this thing on OBS forum. So, can i create custom templates for any alerts on this platform, using...