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  1. SkyCrafter1234

    OBS can't record after switching monitors?

    I recently got a new monitor for my pc. For some reason OBS no longer is able to record video. I tried reinstalling, changing settings, is there something I'm missing or can I just not use OBS anymore for video recording?
  2. P

    Can't capture any desktop sound. Help?

    So I've been trying to capture some Spotify or YouTube music but the configuration only has the ''disabled'' option. I can only change Mic/Auxiliary audio but, you know, I want to record my desktop's sound. I added a screenshot of my settings. I have macOS Catalina 10.15.7. Thx
  3. JohnKnightRider

    Question / Help Custom CSS for Browser Source doesn't work !

    Hi guys ! I've been trying to overwrite some CSS code in the custom CSS field but I'm having issues. Basically I'm trying to align items from an event list to the right on some scenes : and to the left on some others : The thing is that I managed to find the code that can do that, so when I...