disk space

  1. F

    OBS Using Disk Space While Streaming

    Hi Iv been trying to stream the sounds of the walls of my home so the council can see / hear that my neighbours are running multiple washing machines 24 hours a day. but after streaming for about 4-5 hours iv noticed that my SSD is losing a lot of space, about 8GB so I have to stop the stream...
  2. kanciapagamingroom

    Single bigger M2 or M2 + SSD?

    Hey guys! I am going to buy a new disk for my PC mostly for games and records. I want to buy M2 1TB. I wonder if it is big mistake to use this disk for gaming and recording at the same time to the same disk. Or it would be better to buy M2 500GB + SSD 500GB and use M2 for gaming and SSD for...
  3. K

    Ran out of space during recording, how to repair file ?

    Hey, I made an unexpectedly long recording today. I thought I'd have enough space on my disk but it turned out that it wasn't the case. Now I have a mp4 file that I can't open, but as it is a 28,4 go file, I guess (and hope) its content can be saved, even though the last part must be gone...
  4. D

    RAM & Disk Usage at 100% 24/7 Stream

    Hi! I'm having this issue with OBS I'm trying to set up a 24/7 stream on twitch and everything is fine and dandy at the start but after a few hours like at the 8th or 9th hour the ram and the disk usage goes to a 100% I have 4GB of ram planing on upgrading to 8GB I read somewhere that OBS cahes...
  5. L

    Bug Report Invalid directory error message code

    Setting the output directory for recordings to an invalid directory returns an insufficient-disk-space error rather than an invalid-directory error message. Any way to fix this for the rest of us? Required log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/mTWhcPfhdc_06tvI The error message code in question...