discord streaming

  1. G

    OBS and Discord

    I use obs primarily for just recording and whenever I record just gameplay along with my voice the footage comes out normal. however, when I stream the game I am playing on discord to my friends while recording it to capture their commentary, it seems to mess up the encoding and stays on...
  2. S

    help! When trying to set up audio from discord to obs, it only makes a weird squeaking noise.

    so obs is up to date, and discord and my soundboard (ableton) are in the same audio output (multi output device). i can hear everything that comes from ableton just fine, but the discord audio is super distorted. It happens when ableton is closed and the audios are separate, but no matter what...
  3. Bułka

    OBS stream on Discord

    Hi, I have been wondering about one thing lately. Could I add Discord as a stream in OBS? I would like to stream on my Discord server but I would like to do it... more edited as if it were e.g. on Twitch. Can anyone help? Is it impossible to connect to the stream? Do you understand what I mean...