1. luxterful

    Popped-Out Docks disappear when OBS is not in focus.

    Hi folks, i love using docks with OBS. I usually use them as individual ("popped-out") windows on a secondary screen. Every time i switch to another program (e.g. Chrome) (-> OBS loses the focus) and all the docks disappear. I have to click on OBS to give OBS the focus back and the docks will...
  2. S

    Browser Source disappearing behind Display/Game Source

    So Hello i need Help (Obviously) with my OBS, i did set up an Alert Box from Streamlabs and it works Perfectly fine until i turn on Display or Game Sources then it is Here but it disappears behind the source
  3. V

    Boxs disappearing turning into dots

    when I am streaming I have certain parts of my stream blurred out....those boxes disappear while Im streaming causing people to gank alot of money from me (I cant have this im broke!) -Windows 10 -ran as admin -compat for windows 7 -compat for windows 10 still does it my sources are correctly...
  4. P

    Question / Help Sources Keep Disappearing

    I'm setting up OBS on a new laptop and something strange keeps happening. My sources keep disappearing. I'm not sure when it happens either. But when I add a scene, the sources go away and the window has, "You have no sources" If I delete the scenes, the sources reappear. I have removed the...
  5. F

    Question / Help Sources Disappear When Transitioning Between Scenes

    We are a livestream team who broadcast from a Windows Desktop (OBS: v. 22.0.02 ) and are experiencing an issue with sources (both video and .png) that disappear when we transition between scenes. Our manual set-up has a "loading screen" as we wait for viewers to join us on YT and Periscope...