1. C

    Not your normal disconnect/reconnect issue

    Greetings OBS family, This is my first time actually posting on a forum anywhere for help. I usually am able to find out on my own through the many resources people post online but this one is got me stumped. Story: About a couple of months ago I noticed OBS disconnecting and reconnecting and...
  2. C

    Multiplayer only lag

    So, I want to record R6S with my GPU's encoder (Radeon RX 550), it works fine when I'm doing the singleplayer part of the game but when I get into multiplayer... my frames drop to around 20-30 from my cap of 60. When I record in singleplayer, there is no frame drops what so ever.
  3. C40Terra

    Question / Help Black Screen, none of the fixes work, can see the screen when on screen capture properties.

    I'm using a GTX 1060 laptop and I've tried almost all of the fixes and I'm desperate. When I run OBS with my integrated graphics card and double-click the screen capture source everything seems OK, but the preview and the videos are black. Any ideas? There's the log...
  4. T

    Question / Help Extremely low sound on stream

    Hey guys! So my friend have this really weird problem. When he is streaming you can barely hear the game volume when you're watching his stream, but you can hear us talking on discord and all the other sounds. The thing is, everything worked fine yesterday when he was streaming (except some...