custom encoder settings

  1. I

    Seeking Advice - best way to provide subscribers with OBS all setup for plug and play?

    We are consultants to a SaaS live streaming provider to small organizations with limited tech knowledge, they have asked if we could write an API, plugin, or script to automatically set up their customer's OBS settings including RTMP url and user name and password. Can you provide...
  2. Pie-jacker875

    Question / Help Enable experimental encoder settings

    I'm trying to encode avc and opus in an mp4 container. This works using plain CLI ffmpeg, but it requires the "-strict experimental" flag. How do I set this in obs?
  3. R

    Stream to 2 destinations simultaneously with OBS [Without NGINX]

    Edit: There's a better way to do this now via the Multiple Outputs Plugin. Multiple RTMP outputs plugin ( ORIGINAL POST CONTINUES NGINX is a good option in case you want to stream to multiple destinations using OBS. However, in case NGINX is not an option for you, the below...
  4. ~Maidvelia❤~

    Question / Help Custom Encoder Settings Box - NVENC

    Am I able to use this for NVENC? If so, is it just the exact same parameters that x264 uses or are there specific parameters for NVENC?
  5. J

    Question / Help How to set keyframe rate with custom encoder settings in OBS

    I was having an issue where YouTube said my keyframe rate was 8.3 but it needed to be every 2 seconds. Under OUTPUT you need to check the ENABLE ADVANCED ENCODER SETTINGS. Then in the CUSTOM ENCODER SETTINGS you would enter: keyint=60 The keyint variable tells OBS to send a keyframe every X...