1. .norman.

    Free g4ScoreBoard - A Pool / Billiards Score Board 1.6.0

    G4ScoreBoard Live Demo Made for pool players by a pool player A professional billiard scoreboard solution for pool / billiard streamers Includes a shot clock inspired by the clock used during the Mosconi Cup* and European Open* OBS v28 Compatible Hotkey Support Add you own custom...
  2. D

    Problem withe the cue channel during live streaming /recording od DJ sets.

    Hi there, i´m using a Hercules inpulse 500 deck and like to stream using obs and DJUCED software. As the setup is fine i have the issue that whenever i cue a track it will be send out in the live stream and in the recorded file. The cue channel ist not present/hearable at the master output on...
  3. S

    OBS Lua Sound notification on replay buffer save [Windows] 1.0

    A simple Lua script which plays a .wav sound whenever replay buffer is saved. Credits: upgradeQ, Gima