Question / Help Stream Crashing mid stream

    Hello everyone, I've had a problem with streaming on OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS). This has been an issue since my start of streaming in May of 2019. When I stream or play a game on my PC it will run fine without no lag or any issues. Then suddenly crash, no hint towards a crash...
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    Bug Report Minecraft (demo) crashing when switching between fullscreen to windowmode

    Hey, Minecraft is crashing while using OBS (recording). just switching from window mode\fullscreeen (1-2 times) and the game crash. from minecraft log file (see attached log file + dumpfile (link) + dxdiag): Dump file
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    Bug Report Game Capture Crashes My Games

    Ok, so ive been getting this problem recently were when i record using game capture and capture a specific window, the game that i have tagged to that specific window crashes every time. Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated. These Are My Settings...
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    Bug Report crashes game when trying to record

    Hello! I use to use obs to stream but recently ive been trying to use it to record for youtube videos but whenever I have it open in the background it crashes my game. recently ive had it open then launched csgo, csgo just crashes. Ill attach the file from when it crashed.