1. aalcoserb


    Hello, OBS TEAM, i just recently installed obs and can't open it cause it always crash on start, please help!!
  2. paradigmaa

    obb has crashed would you like to copy.....

    i did install this on my laptop. and it crashed the moment i open it. i thought it was probably because my windows 10 isnt up to date, so i update it to the lastest version and it still crashed, so i'm not sure what to do
  3. M

    OBS has crashed!

    Hi, my OBS crashes everytime I want to close it. You may think "well.. you don't have to worry 'cause you literally want to close it", and you would be completely right, but my custom browser panels get lost everytime :( I have a LOT of plugins and effects, so I can't afford to lose all my...
  4. M

    Sudden crash

    Good evening everyone; I'm writing this post, because I'm having crashes in obs, while I'm about to start streaming, and so you want a hand, here I pass the crash report file. I really need obs, stream elements, it really sucks me. Thanks for your help
  5. D

    Question / Help OBS Crashing Once Opened

    OBS has just randomly been crashing a few seconds after being opened. Here's the log: Thank you
  6. F

    Question / Help Obs crashed. What to do?

    Obs crashed. What to do?
  7. S

    Question / Help Please Help, OBS still won't open for me

    I've followed several guides on how to fix this bug but nothing has fixed it. It says that it "Failed to find locale/en-US.ini" and "Failed to load locale" Please can someone help me figure this out. I'm running MacOS 10.14.1 and I assume the latest version of this software as I downloaded it...
  8. I

    Question / Help OBS crashes after a few days of 24/7 livestreaming (crash + log report)

    I have had this problem multiple times now. I am streaming with OBS 23.0.2 (64-bit Windows) on a server and it crashes in about 1,5 days of fulltime streaming. I have no clue what the cause might be. I do nothing else but streaming on the server. If anyone knows what the cause might be, it would...
  9. H

    Question / Help Oops. OBS crashed! Please help me!

    Please help me!
  10. I

    Question / Help Stream turns off when the transition comes up

    Hello fellow guys :D yesterday i tried to make transitions in OBS and somehow managed it xD. Right now i had a Facebook Livestream and everytime when the Transition came, Facebook Live showed a message that there occured an Error and the Stream shut off. Funny OBS the stream still was turned...
  11. G

    Question / Help Fontdrvhost.exe Crash on Startup

    When I start my OBS (86x or 64x) it loads for a while and then normally starts. One or two seconds later fontdrvhost.exe crashes, so I have to restart my PC again. I found no error logs. Please help me.
  12. O

    Question / Help OBS crash after microphone filters

    Hello there! I was experimenting with filters (around 5 SVT 2.x Plug-In filters) for my microphone, after that OBS crashed! I have a crash log for you guys. I hope someone can help me fast out this situation because I need to livestream tonight! Thanks in advance :)!
  13. P

    Bug Report OBS Studio crashing when loading Waveshell VST plugin as audio filter on Mic

    Hey! I've been trying to get the Waves VST Plugins to work on OBS and I've encountered a consistent crash when trying to load it as a Filter. 1. Open OBS 2. Add Mic/Aux to mixer 3. Go to Filters on Mic/Aux 4. Right click > add > VST 2.x plugin 5. Select Waveshell from plugin list 6. Observe...
  14. SkyDemonAirPirates

    Question / Help OBS crashes the second I open it

    Hello. So I have been having this issue the last few days. I uninstalled, cleaed all settings, and reinstalled it back at least 5 times. I even went back a version to see if it was the current version of OBS that was released, and sadly the error was still the same,and crashed before it head...