cpu affinity

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    Default Processor Affinity

    I'm looking to drop down to a single PC Streaming and gaming setup, I have 12 cores (24 hyperthreaded available) and both OBS and the game default to cpu0. I'm fed up of manually having to move OBS process affinity to stabilise FPS in games, and can't find any utilities that would allow you to...
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    Lossless encoding: 100% CPU for libx264, but 40-60% ffvhuff

    I'm using ffmpeg to encode my recording and the two encode settings I'm using are: libx264, qp=0 preset=ultrafast ffvhuff, pred=median I have already set DOOM Eternal to use the latter 12 of my logical processors and OBS to use the first 4 logical processors, so OBS shouldn't be influencing my...
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    Question / Help Single Core Legacy Game, Stream Lags

    I'm trying to stream an older game (Prince of Persia: Warrior Within) that requires single core processing to reduce bugs (jump and speed glitches) but this causes the video stream to lag. The game plays fine while streaming, no lag outside of normal graphics issues. I have an i7-6700K quad-core...