1. Artis84

    Delete the mp4 extension in the convert recording select file box

    Hi, I dont understand why the mp4 extension is allowed while the converter convert files in mp4
  2. Buttertech

    Computer/obs/media encoder all won't process Loseless AVI

    I recorded some footage with OBS studio. Now when I try to remux the recordings, it fails. Adobe Media encoder won't import the Avi files And I can't view it on my computer when I open it. I recorded in the highest quality lossless setting OBS offers. But now it seems I can't even use the...
  3. G

    Converting all 6 tracks of MKV audio to 6 different MP3 files

    I’ve been editing with a program that does not support MKV or MP4 files with all of the tracks separated. I was able to live with this until one of my recordings had audio issues. I’m now trying my best to convert each track into it’s own mp3 file for it to be completely compatible with my...
  4. tt2468

    Free obs-websocket-http | Interact with obs-websocket 5.x using HTTP requests v1

    obs-websocket-http is a simple program which connects to an obs-websocket server and spawns an HTTP server which can be used to perform requests. See more details over at the README