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    Weird Compression Glitch

    Hi ! I have this problem with my OBS recording, and I have no idea where it come from. I have an RTX 4070/Ryzen 5 5600x and I use NVENC.264 encoder... I've also tried other encoders but there's the same problem... I really don't know what to do... Here are a two screenshots ...
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    Quality of compressed x264 recordings vs using slower x264 preset

    Hi, I have a question regarding two scenarios. So in the first scenario, let's say I use x264 superfast with CRF 18 and I am recording in 4K 60fps, this gameplay recording will be a huge file since the CRF is quite low. Then I proceed to compress this video to some variable bitrate, for this...
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    Desktop Audio Sounding Very Compressed

    Hey everyone, So, recently I've had this issue with OBS where, when streaming, my desktop audio sounds incredibly compressed. If anyone has any idea what may be causing this, please let me know. Thank you. Log File: VOD Showing the Compression...
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    Buggy Audio

    I have been doing live streaming for my church and pulling the audio form a Midas Mixer. The audio is put into a Mono as we have multiple outputs to make things easier. But my audio has been showing alot of compression which you can see here. Any Sort of help will be greatful. I already did add...
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    Question / Help Need help setting up OBS

    Hey folks, so I've noticed when recording certain games there are a ton of compression artifacts. Which I attributed to downscaling from 1440p to 1080p. So I decided to just record at 1440p to capture all the details since I don't need to worry about bitrate, I post mainly to youtube. However...