color key

  1. Spinball

    How do I use a filter to add a background to a source with color key filter already applied?

    Hello, first of all there doesn't seem to be an intuitive forum to post requests for help. So this thread will inevitably be in the wrong forum. Sorry about that. Perhaps a moderator can move it with my apologies? Anyway, we have used Zoom + OBS to broadcast live streams on a weekly basis...
  2. FreakyMood

    Reverse Color Key

    I want to transparent everywhere except for one color (red) in a playing video. In the picture that I sent, The part I show is moving so I can't just crop it. How can I do this?
  3. P

    Color Key is not working on Windows Capture ,Game Capture, And Display Capture

    I've been trying to use Color Key and it shows up in Filters but when i close it i can't see it Log File:
  4. R

    How to chroma key piano keys

    Hi there, I hope someone here can help me out or point me in the right direction. I’m a piano teacher, I want my piano software keys as chroma key under my fingers. I have included a picture. Is this possible without painting my keys green or blue. I have played around with color key, chroma...
  5. corbu

    Reverse/Inverted Color Key or Reverse Alpha Channel in OBS?

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve some kind of reverse color key effect in OBS. I'm creating a sort of music education show were I play the piano, and I want to overlay certain colors over certain notes on the camera feed. That part is easy: However, when I play those keys on the piano, my hands go...