1. glwx

    Implementing Geolocation API into OBS studio

    Howdy! I am trying to transmit my phone's location (formatted as city, state) to an OBS program running in a different location. Trying to accomplish this using Geolocation API. However, I am inexperienced and am not sure how to do it. Is there anyone who can help me? Thanks in advance...
  2. G

    Coding error when switching scenes?

    All of a sudden I can't switch scenes anymore without my stream/recording crashing. All I did was add 2 new scenes. I didn't have any problems with it before. Now even switching between the scenes I already had and were working isn't working anymore. Can someone please explain what's going on...
  3. W

    Controlling OBS Studio with C# application

    Hello, i want to code an application in C# (WPF) to control/start/stop Recording and other funktionalities in OBS Studio. Such aus changing the saving path or changing Filename and so on.. I am a totaly beginner for developing such a obs tool. Is it possible to make this kind of application...
  4. S

    Question / Help OBS isn't displaying my alerts

    I recently started using a new setup for my alerts, one I paid for and didn't make myself. It uses custom coding to create the alerts instead of images etc. But after i added it my alerts don't show up when someone follows (not sure about the others since they cant sub or donate to me yet), or...