1. J

    cmake not finding obs-plugin-template windows dependencies

    Hello, I'm trying out the obs-plugin-template. I'm on Windows 10 and have Visual Studio 2022. I'm working with this project: I ran cmake and got the following error: I ran the cmake command thus: I'm not 100% that I have the cmake command...
  2. M

    building obs cmake ENABLE_PLUGINS?

    does ENABLE_PLUGINS affect 3rd party plugins support only, since the plugins source code folder seems to have some important things for capture/encoding 7 so on?
  3. luansouza

    CMake Error at /usr/local/share/cmake/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:230

    I can't use obs because it doesn't have LibAJANTV2, I looked in hell and didn't find it. System : Freebsd
  4. Amitrj

    OBS Build Error in CMmake

    I am successfully setup OBS code following official github site ( But after clicking on configure in CMake, I am getting below error due to which it's giving me build error in obs-script project. Struggling since long to get this...
  5. univrsal

    OBS Studio and CLion

    Since CLion does not seem to be capable of setting up a development environment automatically for OBS Studio (It usually will be unable to compile and run and will hide builds in a deep folder structure) here's how I made CLion play nice with OBS Studio's source code. CLion is a cross platform...
  6. M

    [Walkthrough] Build OBS-Studio for win64

    Hey Folks... ED: When i visit bigger Projects, im always unsure about build problems and read for easy reproduceable success stories. So heres one: I just followed the steps given within the OBS-Studio Wiki and succeeded with it. - Here are some shortcuts if your like me and just want to build...