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    Obs not work Chaturbate 1080p60

    Hello, I’d like to know if someone can help Me with that little issue, I got everything done as many setting I watched In YouTube. My obs is not overloaded, broadcasting is perfectly not lost of data or anything wrong, just when I checked my video quality it works for 720 max for guests. I dunno...
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    Dropped Frames (Just Started)

    Hi everyone...I was wondering if anyone could review our log and see if they see anything out of the ordinary. We have only been streaming for a little less then a year and we don't have the latest equipment and it might be time for a new computer, I don't know. But we noticed that past two...
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    Streaming Chaturbate & Bongacams Low Quality

    So i started streaming 2 webcam sites at the same time, and im running into quality issues Im using the Logitech 922 and have 300mb internet Plug in Multiple RTMP Only one instance of OBS why is the quality lagging? when im streaming on both sites? when i switch to only one site it works...
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    obs suport guidline
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    Streaming to chaturbate problem (really need help)

    Hello everybody! I am streaming to chaturbate and for a while I watch myslef streaming from a icognito page on the browser to see if the stream is smooth. However I ussually see that my stream freeze without obs noticing me there is a problem. I really want to ask you if you could check my log...
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    Question / Help Stream Service won't except Chaturbate

    Chaturbate does not come up as one of the services, and when I tried custom it did not work either. In custom I put the url: https://chaturbate.com/b/(username)/ And then the stream key, but it would not work. Please help!
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    Good Evening guys today I would like to get a solution for get alerts in Chaturbate.com using Obs. I read some topics about "tipalerts.com" but that tool needed to pay so anyone know a way to add alerts to chaturbate without payment methods. I apreciate that thansk so much ❤