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    Only Channel 1 Audio works.

    With the six available audio tracks, I can record my microphone and/or my application to track 1 but can't record anything to tracks 2-5. I've tried all combinations. If I record them both to track 1 it's fine, but I wanted to split them up to make editing easier. I've looked at a ton of...
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    Split L/R channel to track

    I have a media source (incoming SRT with stereo sound. Left channel is Italian commentary and Right channel is English commentary. Then I have two OBS instances to restream with Italian (L channel only in advanced audio) and English (R channel only in advanced audio) to 2 Youtube streams. If I...
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    only able to use 2 microphone channels zoom L12? Answered

    what you have to do is make sure you installed the drivers, go into your control panel, in the control panel search bar type in zoom L-12 Control panel, click that shit, there will be two tabs settings and channel, click channel, select the second option "master". that will allow you to use all...