1. S_A_U_Z

    Can I Force Flash support?

    Not an error afaik, so I felt no need to share a log file. Hello, I've been using an older version of OBS because many of my stream assets were made in flash, but I had forgotten that, and decided to update. New OBS is admittedly quite nice (I really love the folders for my sources), and I'd...
  2. ThrottleLP

    Question / Help Browser Source: transform: scale() not working

    I'm using a Browser source for my overlay in my streams. I've got an animated logo with different animations triggered by javascript. Everything works... except for animations with "transform: scale()". Is this a bug in OBS/CEF or is the person in front of my keyboard responsible? (My animation...
  3. S

    Question / Help My PC stutters because of OBS

    Hello, my CEF browsers are at full capacity and cause my PC to stutter. What can I do against it ? Log: https://gist.github.com/28339baa22dd241d90017dd21335f194 Nice greetings Jannik