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  1. P

    There isn't screen capture source in "Add" source menu

    I've installed the OBS on Ubuntu 22.04 But there isn't the "Screen capture" source in add source menu! What is the problem?
  2. caderikor

    Bug Report Obs keeps crashing on screen capture

    Hello, guys I recently wanna start doing programming videos and found obs the only engine shine in the crowd but sadly it fails to work for me I love an answer for this issue.
  3. J

    Question / Help Skype calls in my OBS show

    Hi everybody! I have OBS installed on my macbook pro, Catalina, and the OBS 24.0.3 (obs-24.0.3-installer-catalina-fix-02) It works perfect. I would like to have skype calls in my Facebook Live show, using OBS. Years before, it was easy: picking window capture. Selecting the Skype window. But...
  4. unfa

    Bug Report Screen Capture Flicker / Tearing when CPU under load(?)

    Hey! I've recently had a really nasty instance of screen capture flicekring / screen tearing in OBS capture. I'm looking for a way to fix my footage here, but meanwhile I also want to make sure I don't get this happening again. I wonder if this could be related to Nvidia drivers? I tried...
  5. w23

    Experimental zero-copy screen capture on Linux

    I was having performance issues when streaming livecoding heavy GLSL raymarching and pathtracing shaders, so instead of optimizing my shaders I read about libdrm, KMS, DMA-BUF and EGL. As a result, I made a very experimental zero-copy screen capture OBS plugin for Linux based on DMA-BUF fds and...
  6. M

    Question / Help Capture Card use case to duplicate primary DP screen

    Hello friends of the OBS forum! I would like your input on this: I would like to stream Counter Strike Global offensive on a single PC but I can't seem to get good quality for the stream despite using a 8700K + 1080Ti either using GPU or CPU encoding. I've tried uping and decreasing the bitrate...
  7. A

    Question / Help 0x0 screen capture problem

    Hello I'm using OBS for ages now, and I'm quite experimented (for those who advise me to restart OBS etc ^^) Simply, my screen capture gives me a 0x0 size video input Only on this session of my computer. It's working on other sessions Any idea ?
  8. N

    Question / Help Display Capture not working!

    idk why, it once worked for me, i havnt changed computer since it worked, here is my log:
  9. M

    Question / Help Dsplay capture not working!

    when ever I add a display capture in OBS 21.1.2 on Windows 10, only this appears: Please help!
  10. Gian Pierree Muñoz

    Question / Help Problem with captura screen

    Hello, I have installed obs on my laptop, I have ubuntu 17.10, opengl 3.0 and I have also installed FFmpeg. But when I select the source of "capture screen" it shows me the black screen. Thanks for the help!