1. O

    Building obs-rtspserver on jetson

    Hi everyone! I am trying to build obs-rtspserver plugin for my jetson with linux. I got an error "Could NOT find obs-frontend-api (missing: OBS_FRONTEND_API_INCLUDE_DIR)" Here are my steps: 1. Cloning the repository and changing the current folder...
  2. C

    Plugin isn't included in obs build

    My plugin builds by itself with no errors and obs builds without errors, but my plugin isn't included in the build folder and I tried inserting it manually but that just causes an error in obs. The plugin just adds a basic template source so there's nothing complicated going on inside it.
  3. JanisE

    Could NOT find Wayland when building OBS in Linux

    Hello! I'm trying to build OBS Studio on Linux Mint 20.1 by "Debian-based Build Directions" on . When I run cmake, the process ends with an error "Could NOT find Wayland (missing: WAYLAND_LIBRARIES WAYLAND_INCLUDE_DIRS)". How can this be...