build obsstudio

  1. M

    building obs cmake ENABLE_PLUGINS?

    does ENABLE_PLUGINS affect 3rd party plugins support only, since the plugins source code folder seems to have some important things for capture/encoding 7 so on?
  2. TheRedM

    Building obs from source on arm64 Ubuntu 21.04 problem

    I followed the official guide to build obs with browser source form source But after running cmake -DUNIX_STRUCTURE=1 -ENABLE_PIPEWIRE=OFF -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr -DBUILD_BROWSER=ON...
  3. C

    Plugin isn't included in obs build

    My plugin builds by itself with no errors and obs builds without errors, but my plugin isn't included in the build folder and I tried inserting it manually but that just causes an error in obs. The plugin just adds a basic template source so there's nothing complicated going on inside it.
  4. M

    Problems building an OBS source plugin...

    I'm trying to create an a new "source" plugin/extension for OBS Studio. I have read the documentation on writing plugins, and have also found an example of an OBS source. Writing the plugin seemed pretty straight forward. However, I have had a lot of trouble running the build operation for...
  5. L

    What is better for live music streaming

    Hello! I have a question about what system to build for streaming live music and concerts (NOT GAMES) in 4k. There is an assumption that Ryzen 3400G/9400F will do for this task, but maybe I'm wrong. An external capture card may be needed or not? How much CPU loaded in those scenarios? How much...
  6. Pwned

    searching for someone who can compile obs-studio for me

    Hi, i changed one value in a config, to increase the refreshrate for the "Audio-Mixer" from 30fps to 60fps. but i dont have any experience to compile any projects. so im search for somebody who can recompile obs-studio (win10 64bit - newest build) for me. This is the file...
  7. mrwappa

    How to compile changes to the build and debug?

    I'm developing on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) with VS Code. I was under the impression that building with CMake would compile my changes into the new build under the build/rundir/RelWithDebInfo/bin/64bit directory. So, I just made a small change in the UI by changing the text string on the "Start...
  8. Kamil00

    Question / Help Problem with OBS building on raspberry pi3b+

    Hello! I have a problem building OBS on raspberry pi3b +. I'm doing exactly what's in this guide: And during build, the raspberry stutters forever. Can anything be done about it? Maybe there is some...
  9. leyley

    Question / Help Build OBS Studio with Visual Studio 2019

    As says, Visual Studio 2017 has a pre-built windows dependencies to download: Is there any pre-built deps for Visual Studio 2019 to download? Thanks
  10. A

    Question / Help Build to Visual Studio Project

    I am facing problem in converting file to visual studio project. Kindly explain me the steps to be performed for accomplishing this task. Kindly reply as soon as possible.