bmd ultrastudio mini-recoroder

  1. Payaso_83

    Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder doesn't show

    Well, on my last transmission, I couldn't configure my BUMR, because doesn't show it on the options of "new input"... So!!!... I upgrade the last "Desktop Video" and now work perfectly (I had the 10.10), with fewer options than before and some news... I leave you the link to download it: This...
  2. S

    Audio Issue in OBS with BMD Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder V. 11.6

    I'm using the latest version of OBS on an iMac 2019, with a BMD Ultrastudio Mini-Recorder using V. 11.6, and MacOS 10.15.6, before the upgrade to macOS 10.15.6 and when using BMD desktop setup V. 11.5 and V. 11.5.1, I had no issues with audio in OBS, I only upgrade to V. 11.6, because the mac...