1. ThIsLinked

    Invincible blur on the output picture

    Hello. Can you please tell me why my output is blurry? I've gone through a lot of tips and tricks already. But none fit. I'm starting to think it's a problem with my PC (I have a laptop). For reference: When using the x264 encoder, everything is the same. On any presets. The screenshot shows...
  2. K

    obs only records in 240p

    So I've had obs for a while now and I just recently got a new set up, from my old windows laptop to a desktop. My monitor is a bit of a strange size, 1080x1024, and I think that's the reason why obs studio will only record in 240p so I need assistance on if there's any way to record on at least...
  3. S

    Blur and Dark Streaming

    I was trying stream using obs, but while streaming the game work so smooth but the stream is blur and little bit darker than the game ,its blur even at 6000Kbps Bitrate while streaming at 1080p60fps. There is no frame drop while streaming . I tried sharp and color filter but still its not...
  4. G

    Question / Help My video is laggy and blurry

    Hi, i wanted to record video on my youtube channel but when i record video is very laggy and blurry. In game and preview everything is fine. my pc spec: -ryzen 1500x -rx 580 8gb -16 gb log:
  5. H

    Question / Help Blocky footage while a lot of motion is happening

    Hey all! I'm new to OBS and am still getting my footing. I have an issue while capturing gameplay that whenever a lot of motion is occurring on screen it tends to blur a lot and acts as if I am running it at a much lower bitrate! While during slow parts or cutscenes its damn near perfect from...
  6. T

    Question / Help Pixelation during games record

    When I record any game through OBS, the picture becomes soapy, before that everything was fine
  7. I

    Question / Help Streaming Setup Help!

    Hello everyone. I currently stream Fortnite onto Facebook gaming and I am part of the Level Up Program. I'm allowed 1080p-60frames. I currently only one issue. When i am streaming, everything is fine and looks perfect until i begin to make a lot of movement (breaking trees, building, etc.). It...

    Question / Help Stream Quality Comparison : Dual vs Single PC stream setup

    I have a dedicated streaming desktop to do PC to PC livestream. I'm having stream quality issues for some reason I do not know. I'm not a multimedia engineer to know all the technical stuff but I do have basic knowledge of how these things work. I built a dedicated streaming desktop to take the...