1. keyoy

    sRGB off Blend Method

    Why was that changed and it's not as default? Everything with opacity is displayed different than in design programs and has this weird black outline when white object is on white background. Here you can see comparison of same image, left with - right without
  2. norihiro

    Multi Source Effect 0.2.1

    Features This is a simple source providing a custom effect to render multiple sources. Input two sources Set built-in or user-made shader file Render these textures with the shader Donations You can donate to me via PayPal, GitHub, open collective, Ko-fi.
  3. M

    Question / Help Use b\w or alpha video (not image) to combine two another videos

    I know you can use image as mask. But I would like to use animation as mask. And I don't know how to set this up with current tool set. Do I miss something? I have this video, I can have it b\w or white + alpha I want so black was mediaA and white was mediaB Like here but animated mask
  4. M

    Question / Help OBS blending and lag issue. Fix?

    so, i've been having this issue for a while with obs where images would blend. and after recording the audio would be fine but the video would either lag or move at a very slow FPS rate (taking a few seconds to display a single frame) the blending seems to be randomized and looks like the image...