1. Scaramouche

    Video has blackbars

    So hi i have the problem than when i record the preview of obs is evyeerthing fine but when its finished i dont have fullscreen i have blackbars and i wanna record with streched the game is´RUST´ so now what
  2. H

    Black Bars Problem while my monitors is 1920x1080 as well as my setting still it doesnt work.

    I have a big problem for a lot of time here with obs as well as other streaming programs the same one. Every time i stream i see black bars left and right of my scream in trovo or twitch. My monitor size is 1920x1080p so i set the base and output resolotion both to 1920x1080p so that must have...
  3. T

    Question / Help Black bars on stream

    So I play Fortnite stretched, 1154x1080 and trying to stream with that using OBS. I get black bars when streaming. I've tried so many things, watched so many videos and nothing works. I need help ASAP!!!!