black box

  1. L

    Widget's Not Working?

    I was able to get my chat and alerts working but sub count, goal and most recent followers will not show up. I've watched tons of tutorials and continue to get an empty block box. I would love to be able to actually use OBS for streaming but it's seeming a little impossible.
  2. T

    Question / Help cant record screen

    my pc cant pick up my drivers so i cant ust any form of screen capture but in streamlabs obs i can capture my screen here is my log i have my drivers updated and i have done a clean driver installation here is a screenshot of gpuz...
  3. J4Joseph

    Question / Help Black screen

    So this is issue has only just started but, whenever I play a game OBS records it as commanded but when I go full screen in the game, the screen goes back - this is on the video and the output screen on OBS. So basically whenever I go fullscreen, the screen goes blank but my audio and overlays...
  4. L

    Question / Help how to fix the black box?

    i have a hp omen gameing notebook. i am trying to use this program to steam on twitch. but when i use game capture for any game it just pops up a blank black box. can i even use this laptop for streaming? ive looked up how to fix it and nothing works. any and all help would be amazing!