1. .norman.

    Free g4BallTracker - A custom Dock for OBS pool streamers 2022-10-23

    Keep track of balls left on table A custom OBS overlay and Dock for pool streamers A simple OBS Browser Dock and Stream overlay for pool streamers to track balls left on the table. supports TV ball colors as well as standard ball colors (see screenshots below) This is a companion product...
  2. .norman.

    Free g4ScoreBoard - A Pool / Billiards Score Board 1.6.0

    G4ScoreBoard Live Demo Made for pool players by a pool player A professional billiard scoreboard solution for pool / billiard streamers Includes a shot clock inspired by the clock used during the Mosconi Cup* and European Open* OBS v28 Compatible Hotkey Support Add you own custom...
  3. BallStream

    Snooker & Billiards Scoreboard Overlay

    Use the Browser plugin in OBS Studio to overlay scores provided from a BallStream scoring account. Send scores to the server for pickup by OBS by using the online BallStream control panel or from the MatchPlay Scoreboard software. MatchPlay will also display a scoreboard on your computer...