1. C

    Issue With Autohotkey and OBS communication

    So, I've been having an issue with using OBS with Autohotkey. Before anything, i wanted to state nothing is being run as Admin. Running OBS as Admin breaks everything for some reason. I purchased a mini keyboard for use as a streamdeck alternative. I have set it up so every key on the keyboard...
  2. JurgenW

    Joystick or Gamepad as a scene switcher

    I've been looking around for a while to find a way that would allow me to do something like what a Stream Deck does (but just without the cost of it). Hotkeys in OBS have their limitations: You have to choose keys that don't interfere with anything else Using a keyboard for hotkeys means you...
  3. I

    Question / Help Need a script to make the app run in full screen projector mode using some hot keys

    I have a requirement where I would need to cast a feed from a video camera overlaid on a video file. The challenge we face is, every time this should not be previewed, using a hotkey this should be made to full screen. I plan to use a USB based push-button and configure the hotkey. Let me know...
  4. Nickiel

    Bug Report OBS 23.1.0 Not getting autohotkey key sends

    I had a script that changed the scene, but it stopped working when I updated OBS to 23.1.0, so I rolled back to 23.0.2, and the scripts started working again
  5. P

    Non-OBS Script Kill-Counter 1

    A little AutoHotkey + Python (3) script for displaying a kill counter (odometer style) in OBS, or possibly other applications. What it does: When you activate the hotkeys (Indicated in the .AHK file), it will either incriment, decriment, or reset (only the match kills) for the included data...