1. Abyssa1

    Authentication Window on obs for twitch is completely white

    I've tried enabling acceleration, deleting cache, running as admin, uninstalling/reinstalling. The page when i try to connect to twitch just shows a blank white screen and nothing else even after waiting for a long time. Log file:
  2. YuMingC233

    Guys, I'm having trouble authenticating my twitch account

    I have been using Proxifier software to let obs use proxies and on the first attempt I successfully authenticated my account and went live for a day with everything working. However, when I created a new profile, my authentication information was reset for no reason, in which case I...
  3. docBeee

    Can't Link Provider When Using Browser Source

    I prefer using browser source rather than display source when making long recordings so I can continue to use the PC's second display while recording without inadvertently causing something to appear on the display being recorded and ruining the recording. Problem is that on some websites...
  4. D

    Question / Help OBS crashes when connecting with Wowza Cloud (Win & Mac)

    Hi members, I am trying to use Wowza Cloud as my streaming platform. Wowza Cloud works fine here when using Wirecast but test with OBS let crash OBS alway immediately after starting the stream. Server connection (RTMP URL, key, user name, PW) isn't the problem but something else is wrong. I...