audio muting

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    Is it possible to put up content (like a video) that only you can see, & that doesn't get streamed or recorded?

    Hi, I ask because I want to put up a MUTE sign (in video form or however works) to let me alone know when I've muted my microphone. I wish to control the sign with hotkeys, like I do with the actual muting or mic unshowing. If OBS has something else similar, like colored shapes or...
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    Mixer Request

    Dear OBS, I would like to start off by saying that I really love what you all are doing. I love being able to get such a good stream with free software. But I do have a request when it comes to the mixer. I think that it would be amazing if the mixer presets stay assigned to the specific...
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    Question / Help Skype NDI Audio muting

    Hi all, i have a few guests on my youtube stream that i pull in using the Skype NDI. i sometimes show them on their own and sometimes i would show 3 of us on screen, and switch between. my issue is that as the audio on the skype NDI is for all guest channels together, when i put all guests...