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    How to select audio inputs?

    I have been experiencing inconsistent operation with OBS and my MOTU M4 for months. In the past, OBS would only allow me to use inputs 1 and 2, inputs 3 and 4 were always completely disregarded by the application. There is no way to select any inputs, just which interface, and it would always...
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    How to select specific audio inputs in OBS with MOTU M4

    I am trying to record a video with OBS using 3 channels of audio into my MOTU M4. For some reason, OBS only lets me select the interface I want to use for audio input, but not which inputs on that interface. In the past when trying to use my M4 with OBS, I was only ever able to use inputs 1 and...
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    Audio Inputs Not Showing in OBS

    Hello All, I have an audio interface/mixer with multiple inputs and outputs (PreSonus RML16ai). But all the available inputs on this device do not show up in OBS to select. Right now, only the interface name shows up which I can select and it will record audio from my windows selected audio...