audio for mic not working

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    Mic is picking up sound, but not relaying anything to the stream??

    Hi, so my brother is having an issue with his stream, on obs the mic is getting picked up when he speaks its not muted or on low volume but when he streams the sound wont come through to the viewer, I was wondering if anyone knows if this is an obs issue or if its a computer issue?
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    My mic is cutting me out

    Anytime i use OBS my mic cuts out either when i am streaming or recording a video. This problem randomly happened to me a couple days ago. The attched file is what happens when I record.
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    OBS mic not working best fix

    After installing OBS my mic/aux didn't work I try every thing and then I found this! Can't believe its been missed off every OBS fix video Hope it helps. Rich
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    The game audio works when I go back to the recording and watch it but my microphone isn't recorded in it and I can't hear my voice at all..

    I looked up for many hours trying to fix it...nothing worked I have two audio tracks on for the desktop and one for the mic Please help, it would be very much appreciated Thanks I don't know if the log file would be helpful so I am not going to post it.