audio cuts out

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    Game audio fading in and out!

    LOG FILE -> I am at the end of my rope with my OBS. I have had this new computer since September 2022 and I have had unending audio issues, to the point that I haven't streamed or recorded content SINCE I GOT IT. As stated in the title, the game...
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    In the middle of stream, audio from computer and mic cuts out

    Hello, I have the latest version of OBS Studio, and I have been having an issue where somewhere in the middle of the stream, my mic cuts out with my game audio, and then there is a buzzing sound as soon as it cuts off. I have to close OBS and restart stream and then it returns to normal. I am...
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    Audio Randomly Cutting Out

    I have been having an audio issue for a while now. When I start OBS, audio works fine. I have the Atem Mini Pro as my audio source. However, the audio will randomly just stop. On the Atem Multiview, audio levels are working fine, and I am still hearing audio from the Multiview TV. It's just OBS...