1. YorVeX

    xObsAsyncImageSource - Asynchronous image source v1.0

    xObsAsyncImageSource OBS plugin providing an image source that loads images asynchronously (causing a lot less lag on load). Prerequisites OBS 29+ 64 bit Windows tested only on Windows 10, but Windows 11 should also work Linux occasionally tested, but not regularly binary build created on...
  2. Spanisch24

    Asynchronous video and sound - latency problem?

    I have been looking for a while if I can find my problem being mentioned here before - haven't found anything. I've got 3 cameras working with OBS: main cam is Sony ZV-1, 2nd cam is Logitech C925e 3rd cam is a droidcam mobile phone Xiaomi Android 10 2nd and 3rd cam work synchronously (sound...
  3. norihiro

    Asynchronous Audio Filter 0.3.0

    Introduction This plugin tries to fix an asynchronous audio by synchronizing to the master clock of OBS Studio. OBS Studio is running with a clock provided by the OS. On the other hand, some audio interfaces are running with their own clock to sample the audio, which is asynchronous from the...
  4. N

    Footage gets messed up in video editor

    Hey guys! I'm having a problem with my footage that I've recorded with OBS. Over at the MagiX forums they told me post my issue here, as it seems to be something with the OBS settings. Since its hard for me to put my issue into words i recorded my issue: Video is...
  5. BenniAdioZ

    Question / Help Gameplay and Cam is asynchronous to voice after Scene Switch

    hi , i have a little Problem.Im Streaming with Obs Studio newest Version thru a 2 Pc Setup via NDI Plugin. When i go live everythings is synced and looks good , but after a Scene Switch with a Stinger Transition the Gameplay and Cam is asynchronous to voice. You can see it here...